It's not Easy to Be REAL CAT !

It's not Easy to Be REAL CAT !


 For Today World,
it’s not easy to find a real good thing,
Some beautiful flowers come with scary worm, hide in its petals ;

 it’s A big Proof of the Safety for any person who Touch the flower,
from Insecticide.



No Real Good Thing : Any Thing Is Good Thing.

“WelcoMe To Our One GooD PlaCe : GoodSiaM.com”

[ As Good As It Gets, Right? ]




“GoodSiam is a  Blogazine about Thais, Thailand

and Buddhism Thoughts, which be related to the reality world,

Purpose of this site is the encouragement to humanity;

For a way of life

 which be in line with faith to Goodness,

in the True Real World:


How to co-exist of Good & Bad,

is the main issue

which we are talking out”



Inner GoodSiam Is Inner Siam ; iS Inner Thailand

 [We will show you a real attitude of Thai !]


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