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SPA – Types and Services (Part II)



Writing By Siamese CAT

Translate to English by Hui-Ha


General spa offers more services as followings :

 1. Aromatherapy,

 is a type of therapy using aroma of essential oils

 extracted from various types of plants.

Investigate back in the ancient cultures of many races.

  Greeks admire in drinking fragrant wine.

 Egyptians used essential oils to disinfect and deodorize.

 Islamite mix essential oils into cement wall of mosque.

 Human culture in using scent for mind therapy has been occurred long time ago.

 Now, the scents widely used in aroma spa are often the fragrant aroma

 from various types of plants such as basil, black pepper,

 eagle wood, cedar, camomile, cinnamon, clove, lemongrass,

 ginger, lemon, lavender, rose, jasmine, kaenchan

 and rosemary which each of them has different quality in emotional treatment.  

 2. Healing voice 

 The using of voice to create the atmosphere that relax ear nerves and mind.

It tends to use natural sounds like birds singing,

water flow, wind blow, sea wave to help creates the atmosphere of deep peace.

3. Therapeutics 

 The holistic medicine of India.

Therapeutics means “Science of life”.

It comes from the fundamental belief that physic and mind can be treated by…

3.1. The drugs made from natural herbs, such as vegetables, herbs.

3.2. Eating right foods coincident with physical conditions and seasons.

3.3. Practicing meditation, yoga, going massage, and doing enema.

4. Massage Therapy 

 Massage affects in better circulation and lymphatic system.

 Muscle and mental relax.

This is an effective way of touching treatment.

 5. Yoga Therapy

Various postures of yoga help balance between physic, mind and spirit.

  A person who regularly practices yoga will have a strength peaceful mind

 and a good power of life, both physical and mental.

 6. Meditation Therapy 

 Meditation is learning the art of the mind calming.

Practicing meditation is a practice of releasing anxiety

 and stress and relaxation training.

There was plenty of benefit from practicing meditation.

One of them is to helps alleviate symptoms associated with many diseases

such as migraine, stress, blood pressure, etc..

 7. Hydrotherapy  

There are many ways including body soaking,

body fumigating, body wrapping, hot compressing, inhalation,

extreme cold and hot water using alternately, water injecting,

body watering and swimming.

 Some spa provides a treatment with mud which is classified

 as a type of hydrotherapy.

 It can be done by immerse our body in mud rich in vitamins, minerals, etc.,

or bring it up to mask our body, overall or some part.

Some seaside spa also offer sand bury service to customers.


All above are various service type hundreds

 of thousands spa in Thailand

 select to offer to customers differently.


 According that business competition

 is more and more intense,

spas today try to find different services as the selling point.

 Some add detoxification service.

 Some may serve food as in kitchen spa

or “Spa Cuisine” and moreover.


 No matter how variety spa services offers,

 the core of services aim only in one goal,

 that is intend to combine a relaxing atmosphere

through the five human senses : sight, taste, odor and noise

 to offer to customers seamlessly.

 Once we know the essence of spa,

spa at home is not hard to do.

 It can be done any way following the spa guidelines

causing relaxation in our own souls through our five senses.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       And The following is the climate models

” Good to Know ! ”  offers

 to the readers for ideas of self-spa.

( to be continue in Part III)


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Content  CopyRights @ 2011 by GoodSiam.com

 Illustration from kosmicamusic.com



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