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SPA – Types and Services (Part I)


Writing By Siamese CAT

Translate to English by Hui-Ha

Despite the current global citizens are not warriors.

 But because of the consumerism life cycle which is rush and strangulating,

 the demand for body and mind relaxation

 to recharge life’s energy became indispensable. In this 21st century,

the culture of relaxing body and mind remains with humanity in the form of “spa”

and applied fragmenting into plentiful patterns.  Today,

“spa” is not just going out to natural source

 to immerse in or soak with mineral water.

 But there is an overall meaning about the concept of holistic health care

combining from many sciences and cultures

which can be classified in 7 categories. 

Resort & Hotel Spa 

 Spa at the hotel or in the area of the resort.

Guests can either use the service or not.

Destination Spa 

 The overnight spa that sell spa-service program

and accommodation with physical examination

to find the right spa style of each subscriber.

Medical Spa 

Spa that used the natural therapy in conjunction with medical services.

This type of spa will use modern technology and equipment.

 Needs the therapeutic license. And must be carried out by medical personnel.

Day Spa

The small size spa with no residence that settled in the heart of the city.

 It is the spa that services office workerswho have short time.

Often, it has beauty health services also.

Club Spa 

 The spa opening in club or fitness.

Cruise ship Spa 

 The spas service on the cruise.

Mineral Spring Spa 

 The spa with mineral water or natural hot springs.


Spa came in Thailand the first time more than ten years ago.

 Thai famous pioneer-era spas opened in Bangkok, Hua Hin, and Phuket.

 Now, spa industry gains an enormous income for Thai tourism.

 Only in Phuket province,

 the tourists paid for spa services more than 800 million baht per year.  

Even the government raises spa business

 to be the point of sale to the world in order

 to increase more money expense from tourism.  

Many people turn to spa business

so as that Thailand today is rich of thousands of “spa”

which the majority are in the form of Hotel and Resort Spa,

 Day Spa, Destination Spa and Medical Spa.

Current demand for spa services is more and more increases

 till the services are nearly fails to catch.

  Masseuses and masseur on the beach has elevated themselves

 to the luxury spa massage due to the lack of massage technician.

Most spas in Thailand offer massage as the main services.

 The massage oils used are divided into two grades.

 That is oil for face massage which is mostly from Australia or France

because the majority of Thai oil is not in standard grade.

Another grade is oil for body massage

 which commonly used Thai products that has low-cost

 and reach standard quality.

At present,

 “spa” applied it’s form up to social and time.

So, spa doesn’t mean only the treatment

by mineral water or hot springs

 but there are many forms  more harmonious with traveling style.

 It can be seen that today spa are often focused in taking care of body

 and enriching beauty, the same or different in service model.



 SPA – Types and Services (Part II)

SPA – Types and Services (The End)


Content  CopyRights @ 2011 by GoodSiam.com

Illustration from toplaza.com


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