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The Wanchai Farm [1] : Hua-Hin Today

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     Mr.Wanchai Suphawanich


In An Easy Afternoon at the Wanchai Farm,




GS Team : 

Can you tell us about Hua-Hin, today, what’s the update?

Wanchai : 

Hua-Hin today?   Umm.. . the progression is unusual.

Gs Team :

Unusual ?

Wanchai :

 Yes, unusual, the growing of nonlocal people here is fast, including foreigner;

German, Scandinavian, also, Asian from different country, Japanese and Korean came to stay here , as village,

many villages; be probable have many thousands foreigners  settle down at Hua-Hin today.

Gs Team :


Wanchai :

Real estate is growing, land in Hua-Hin get so higher price… than yesterday.

Gs Team : 


Wanchai :  

A lot of water has passed under the bridge :

 Increase of the place of amusement is easy as growing mushroom;

 mostly progress is in the materialism :  Department store as  Macro, Lotus etc. came after ,

also, a lot of foreigner restaurant have opened deservedly,

 today you can stay at Hua-hin to eat food from,  all over the world, country;

Chinese food is few but Italian is various….

Gs Team : 

Many in Scandinavian style ?

Wanchai :


Gs Team :

What Progress you tell us, is clearly seen today,

how long  can you  see about the difference … I mean,

 how many years ago, that Hua-Hin has changed to this day?

Wanchai :

About 15 years ago, that Hua-Hin has grown very fast, 

 a lot of new streets happened within these year; expand streets

but it’s still not enough for real Hua-Hin, because the principle city plan is bad, 

in fact, it has no principle city plan for Hua-Hin, people too much freely to build a house,

so when the country has grown, it has grown to be crowded,

came after with the failure to  end a problem of dirty and polluted water of the govern; 

be troubled by maintenance of the Hua-Hin from filth.

Gs Team :

Can you remember, what is the first condition of all, which is the cause of changing here,

 from the old Hua-Hin to the new one as today Mr. Wanchai ?

Wanchai :

Great !  That’s a good question,

a lot of things wait for you to know, but now it’s  time for lunch,

why’s not take a break?

Gs Team :

Good idea,

 can I have a lunch with you ?


Surely !

Gs Team :

I mean to “Free” lunch…

Wanchai :

 Doubtlessly !!!



[ To be continued, coming soon ! ]



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