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Feb., 13-15, 2011 : “Season 0f love @ Pai #3”



 Click to Listen to the Song of  Butterflies & Flowers  By Chamras Saewataporn



In the month of Love, Feb, 2011 :

 The Tourism Authority of Thailand  invite you to “Pai”,

one of the seven districts of Mae Hong Son province,

  cultural town of  the great mountain, nature and clean air.

 With the romantic particularities atmosphere for lovers 

 which made “Pai” to be known, 
and be interested by both of Thai and foreign tourists:
 Each year, lot of tourists come to “Pai” as a dreamland for couple
 who are seeking for the beautiful place including the romantic atmosphere.


The Tourism Authority of Thailand cooperate with the government of Pai district,

Pai Tourists Club, and the related institute ;  to arrange the “Season of Love @ Pai#3”,

at  Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand, on Feb, 13-15, 2011.

  The event will be thing to emphasize the idea of “Pai” ,

 to impress all tourists with the extreme romantic event,
 by the wedding ceremony and the registering marriage certificate in special new look, 
among the nature atmosphere of Pai, the great mountain, current, fog and flowers.
 The sweetheart who attend the ceremony, 
will touch the 3 days and 2 nights in the 5 stars hotel of Pai, 
with the special activities such as ;
 giving food offerings to 1,111 Buddhist monks on the small lovely road of Pai 
and visiting and eating the Chinese food at the Yunnan village.
The wedding ceremony, 
will be arranged, at Lhoung Temple, 
the wedding couple will dress the ancient Thai wedding clothes, 
join in the Thai blessing ceremony, 
receive blessing from the elders in the villege, 
before going to the wedding procession in Thai Yai Style, for Pai people,
and, also, other tourists to congratulate on.
The registering marriage certificate
 will be set at the history bridge of Pai, 
come after with the activity of floating raft downstream ,
 to see the beauty of the Pai river 
and  growing trees togeter for the royal merit of the king. 
 For all of activities in the “Season 0f love @ Pai #3”,
 on Febuary 13, 2011 - Febuary 15, 2011
the Lover who want to attend the ceremony will have an expenses,
 only 20,000 baht for a couple;

  for tourists who want to know more of detail can contact to :

 The Tourism Authority of Maehongson

  Tel. 053 – 612982 – 3


 visit the site ,






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