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11. Change the World

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11. Change the World


The world has been arguing harder and harder nowadays that how and how much we should change ourselves to make a balance; some races that still lead their primitive lives depending on the variation of nature find that they have a very tough live comparing with the convenience the modern technology could leads to. 

But in the same time on the opposite side, the far developed countries find their deterioration and constantly warn the remaining old world to reserve themselves.  This example was very clear when we compare the countries in the eastern world such as Japan and Mongol. 

The similarity between Mongol and Japan was the image of the cruel mankind in the sight of neighboring countries.  In the period Genghis Khan ruling Mongol almost ten years ago, the daring cavalries and archers killed, robbed and totally devastated เผาทำลาย each city. Many cities that used to be marvelous in the past became only legend with vague evidences in the history.  While Japan had done the unforgettable tragedies to the Korean and the Chinese people in Nanking also.  


[To be continued]

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