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9. The Music in our heart

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9. The Music in our  heart.”


“Music” or “Song” may assumed to be the most influential media for human beings.  Why?  Because the consumers can reach these media everywhere and every time, no matter what activities they’re doing.  Listening to music and songs is capable every time we want.  Therefore song is the media that can reach people easily and greatly. 

Someone used to compare songs to ink that can splash on children white-cloth like hearts.  Social responsibility helps song writing to be the social creating power in the same way other kinds of broad band communication arts such as books and movies are. So the good and valuable songs compositions are means of words and melodies creating from the song composers’ ideas that culling on the aim of giving nice things to our social as well.

There’re many unanticipated  techniques of song writing on the inside story.    Some song writers get their songs’ outlines from the funeral ceremony. Some from their own collapsed love experiences.

[To be continued]


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