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8. Art of Life

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8. Art of Life


“Art and Life are inseparable.” This is the truth we’re almost unaware of.   Human consume art since we wake up in the morning, till going to bed at night.  Look at the decorative design on your pillowcases and sheets that were actually designed before launching the products.  We call this kind of art “commercial art” or art for trade in another word. 

Many people may ask frankly, “What is art?”, “How can we understand a piece of art work?” The answers maybe can found from these interesting stories roughly told next paragraph.

Many art textbooks tell the same thing that art is the transfer of nature by the artist. But nature isn’t art itself. An easier explanation is thing that can be called art were the same thing human create only. Though how beautiful nature is, it doesn’t called art, as it doesn’t go through any culling process of artist, the human who create art work.

[To be continued]

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