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6. Jumping Arabian

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6. Jumping Arabian


Since the bloody coup de’ tat in 1978 through the  Soviet War, continued with the high-tempered battles among groups of  people started in 1990, then finally stuck in the shadow of  the harsh ruling of Taliban government, Kabul City of Afghanistan became the ruined city full of building carcasses and bath with smoke, soot and bullet holes.

But now, Kabul City is going to turn its face. When Taliban government collapsed, Kabul recovered to live.  The markets full of merchants and traders. The refugees come back home.  The schools open again, especially the women schools that were ordered to close in the previous government.  Many men shave their beards, dressed modernly, ware suits  and neckties to work, while most of women still ware shadree – blue or black full-length robes- in public places because they afraid of being annoyed by the religious crazy person.  However, women who were educated and work in higher level dared to go out in long-skirt dresses with head-covered cloth but totally open their faces.

Freedom brings great chaos to the traffic in Kabul.  There’re the invasion of cars, hotels and new investments.  It is the big recovery stimulated by the inward flooding of money and works from other countries.  A large number of people want work.  The refugees immigrated back from Pakistan and Iran find for work and money using their cars as taxi.  Whereas, the back-home flooding of the refugees causes a severe lacking of schools and teachers that they have to use ruin building as the classrooms.  Kabul City in the recovering stage from war and the pressure of the last dictatorship government has to depend on the helps of other country for some period.

While Kabul City in Afghanistan is just getting better, Riyadh City in Saudi Arabia was on the other side, skipped rapidly comparing to the year 1950 when around 60,000 people still lived in brick-and-clay houses.

Passing the year 1970, oil price rose, and there were a large number of large building constructions.  In these days, Riyadh City has larger amount of 4,500,000 populations and going to be a great city on the Arabian Peninsula with big and splendid houses.  Even the smallest house in Riyadh has an area of 500 square meters.

The Riyadh people cite the reason for having such a big house of their culture that 4 generations live together.  But the specialists in Saudi Arabia stated that, in fact, it was the extravagant habit of Saudi Arabian new generation.  Nowadays, though the unemployed rate in the group of young people tend to rise up to 30%, and the government try to push them to work instead of foreigners in the country, there are still high portion of 90% of foreign workers in private section throughout the country.

[To be continued]

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