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4. The Master of War

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4. The Master of War

“In conclusion, the achievements of King Alexander were the absolute revenge over the Persian Emperor ; the territory extension, conquering the land in three continents including Europe, Africa and Asia till he was named “the Great.”

The world cultural face had been changed after Alexander’s conquest. His death was the beginning of Hellenistic period when Greek culture and language spread through the eastern world and stayed on the way till the Greek line-Egyptian loss to Rome in Ptolemy dynasty at 31 years BC.

Genghis Khan  No matter how smart the European was, the cruelest commander who could occupy the wildest territory was the Asian guy named Genghis Khan of Mongolia. The Genghis Khan’s empire was greater than Rome or the empire under the control of Alexander the Great. The Mongolian fellows of Genghis Khan occupied almost whole Asian, from India through almost the northern Asian area that was such an immense area.”

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