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” Vangogh lived among lot of pressures. He was a friend of many famous artists and used to share a small rental house in France with his close friend “Gauguin”. But it looked like they couldn’t bare each other’s tempure. Once, because his hot-tempure, he run with a knife in his hand after his close friend who had to run for his live.

However, Vangogh was true to his life. He confirm to lead his life in the way he believe not care how tough is it. That’s why many people accept that he was a true artist.

Paul Gauguin, his close friend was also a well-known artist. Their paints were both in the top-four most expensive pieces of work.

Gauguin was born on June 7, 1848. His artistical character has shown both in his painting and speech. His friends usually talk about him admiring of his modesty and gentleness. But for Vangogh, they always accused each other as the crazy guy.

Gauguin’s life was almost overwhelmed with bad luck. Nevertheless, it seems a little better than Vangogh that he still had some glorious time in his artist way of life. In 1895, he said good buy to Europe and civilization to use the final part of his life in Tahiti till his last day – May 8, 1903. Many of his well-known pieces of work arise here. They’re noted for their vivid, valiant and violent use of colors that come together harmoniously.

At the opposite side of the needy artists such as Vangogh and Gauguin, there seems to be another outstanding artist who has an obviously different life style named Pablo Picasso.

[To be continued]

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