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2.The Mixtures of the World Wars [The End]

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2. Mixtures of the World Wars [The End]


German was exactly missed the point to underestimated the situation and decide to wage the war in two side. That is while declaring war with Russian in the west side, it suddenly started the war in the east side with England by invading Belgium. The effect was the long lasting state of war occurred from the tactics and war materials the two sides discovered and used.  German started using poisonous gas to drag off a large number of soldiers’ live, while England invented tanks. This war between England and Russia created the new pattern of trench warfare that has the nature of keeping an eye on each other than attacking and cause no-one-win situation.

     In the first period, it seemed that German was outmatched.  In 1915, Bulgaria joined the great power side, while Italy stood by the allies. That year, German used the rockets to attack England and brought the submarine out in use.  In May, the same year, German submarine sank away an English freighter named Lucitania to the bottom of the sea, There were 1,200 passengers, consisted of 140 American, drowned. So, America who always tried to be neutral started to twitch and retaliated by sending three serious protesting messages to German but still maintained the good manner. “

[to be continued]

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