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1. The Mixtures of the World Wars [1]

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1. The Mixtures of the World Wars [1] 


” If  the  earth  can  complain, the ground  in  some  land  may  murmured  of  the  sickening  smell  of  blood  tirelessly  bled  on  it.- Every country  in  every  corner  in  the  world  have   been  passed  the  uncountable  wars  either  the  small  size  as  the  tribal  war  or  the  great  one  covered  more  than  half  an  area  of  the  world.  The  wars that were so great  that  the  world  had  to  remember  it’s  calamity and loss was totally arose from the hands of  the power-greedy persons who wanted to build  the greatness for their  country and themselves, existing in every period of time.

    The world since the old age was likely to get used to the name of Alexander the Great of Greece and Julius Caesar of Roman who arose the territorial-extended wars widely spread through Europe and Asia, Genghis Khan and Napoleon Bonaparte of France were all created war to promote their greatness upon the heap of other races blood, and Hitler, Nazi dictator who brutally killed up to 6 million Jews between the period of the world war II.  And all of these wars were unforgettable for our mankind. But the wars that were long lasting shaken the people’ hearts as the fire from hell are gong to be uncover consequently as follow. ” 

[to be continued]

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