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Deeply Thai Eating : Thai Hell Chili Sauce


I don’t know that it has any country in the world put the word “Hell” to be name of food as Thailand or not; but for all Thais, we, for long, have one kind menu called ” Hell Chili Sauce” which you can find it easily in any Thai fresh-food market.

Nowadays, Thai hell chilli Sauce has already spread to  international market in the new style package as a small plastic cup or bowl.


“Nam-Prick” means is “Souce”  :

The fact is the “Hell Chili Souce” or be called in Thai as “Nam-Prik-Narok” -[Thai-“น้ำพริกนรก”], is not watery as the other chili source of Thai.

Actually, a lot of Thai menus be called as Chili Souce ; even though the fact of it’s looking are some rouge powder which made from some chopped shirmp or chopped meat and chili.


Ingredient for Thai “Hell chili souce” :

Dry chili

Dry bird – chili

Red Onion


Wet tamarind [ Chopped ]

Crisp fish, Salt

How to cook Thai “Hell chili souce” :

1.Roast dry chili and dry bird-chili together.

2.Wrap the wet tamarind with banan leaf and roast it till it’s done.

3. Pound the crisp fish with roast chili, roast tamarind, garlic, red onion and salt together to mix it well.

4. Scoop your “Hell chili source” to a small pot, cup, or bowl, store it for your meal.



The real taste of Thai “Hell chili source” is not too much spicy as its looking, the terrible red of this kind of chili souce come from the dry chili, and after we roast it, the dry chili will be more savor, and will decrease the spicy taste, also.

Thai people always eat this kind of menu with hot cooked rice, serve with a tray of local vegetable such as cucumber ; it’s always in lunch or dinner meal of Thai, not for breackfast, because of the strong taste of it.

Don’t forget to try this Thai menu Thai “Hell Chili Souce” : If you want to go deeper in Thai Eating :

Good Luck !


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