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Fly With Rice : “Fried Rices” In Thailand

Fried Rice With Shrimp

Fried Rice With Shrimp

Fried Rices is one favorite menu of Thai, when they have no idea to eat but their stomach start crying for some food :
Fried Rices [ Kao-Phad – ข้าวผัด [Thai]] is the favorite menu which is always happen in any Thai’s head when they want have an easy dished which they can finished the meal in a short time ;  the waiter will bring it from the kitchen to them faster than order any other kind of menu.
Fried Rice is easy menu, for eating and cooking :
 Ingredient of Fried Rices are Some Rices, Garlics, Oil, Egg, Tomatoes and some Green Leaves of Vegetables.
Fried Rice

Fried Rice

How to cook “Fried Rices” :
It’s easy,

1.put oil in your pan with the garlics, stir garlic till it turn to brown yellow and good smell
2. Then put the tometoes and grind it with the pan for the tometoes water
3. Put rices and some sauce [such as tomato sauce or soybean sauce]  grind the tometoes and stir it with rices , till the red water of tomatoes and sauce be mixed well with rices [the rices will turn to be pale red or pale brown [up to which kind of sauce we use]
4. After that put the vegetables,  then put egg to the space of the pan, stir everything in the pan till the vegetable and egg ready to eat.
5. Move Fried Rices to dish,  sprinkle on top with parsley, fresh cucumber and piece of lime beside the dishes; serve hot with a little bowl of chilli in fish sauce.

That’s the way to cook fried rices for vegetarian, but if you’re not vegetarian, just add some meat to the dish, by put it after the garlic, done the meat before put the tomatoes and rices : Many kinds of meat you can use for this dishes such as Pork, Chicken, Sea food [except Fish].


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