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Silpatorn 2009’s ARTISTs : MUSIC


 Den Euprasert

Den Euprasert  


Dr.Den Euprasert    

Born:  23 March 1969, Bangkok

Address :  1/1 A1 Parkview Viphavadi Kampangphet Road, Sikan, Donmaung,     Bangkok 10210

Education :   Doctor of Arts in Music 2001-2004 

Doctor of Arts in Music, University of North Texas, USA

1988-1996  Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music [Jazz Piano Performance , Cornish College of the Arts, USA

1957-1986  Bangkok Christian College

Present work Dean of College of Music, Rangsit University, Jazz Musician, Music Composer



Music - Den Euprasert
Music – Den Euprasert

 Dr.Den Euprasert is competent and outstanding as a music instructor and musician with a global knowledge of contemporary music terms of Jazz and performance. He is one of the most capable jazz musicians and the pioneer of jazz music curriculum in university, bachelor degree and master’s degree levels, in Thailand. His composition includes jazz, orchestra, chamber and etc.


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