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Silpathorn 2009’s ARTISTs : Literature

Orasom Suddhisakorn

Orasom Suddhisakorn

Literature  Orasom


Born :
21 August 1957
96 Soi Intamara 51, Sutthisarn road, Din Dean, Bangkok 10400
Education :
-Prathorm Suksa7, Satree Mada Pitak school
-Lower secondary school level: Sai Panya school, Bangkok
-Upper secondary level : Sai Panya school, Bangkok

Literature - Orasom Suddhisakorn
Literature – Orasom Suddhisakorn


Present work : Freelance documentary writer
Miss Orasom Suddhisakorn is granted the 2009 “Silpathorn”  Contemporary artist award [literature]. She is outstanding for her documentary that reflects the society with the intense and profound contents that are comparable to the qualitative research. She uses the new way of presentation that brings literature into life and becomes more creative. She creates the documentary for readers in the wide stream with the strong determination in ethics and keep in the information sources confidential.


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