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Silpatorn Award 2009

Silpathorn Award 2009

Silpathorn Award 2009


What is Silpatorn Award ?

 Office of Contemporary Arts and Culture, Ministry of Culture recognizes the importance of encouraging the artists to step into their professional path and feel encouraged to create the  art  work liberally. 

 The “Silpathorn” [Silapa means art; Thorn is protector] awards is, therefore, granted to the artists who are recognized as the art protector.



Office of Contemporary Arts and Culture has implemented the selection process for the “Silpathorn” awards since 2004. There are 5 categories of the award including visual art, literature, music, performing and film.

 In 2008, the category of creative design was included to the awards which added up to 6 categories in order to encourage and support the determined artist to continue to create the quality art works.

As for the year 2009, office of Contemporary Arts and culture selected the “Silpathorn” contemporary artists once again.

This is the 6th time. The objective is to recognize and announce the prestige of the artists whose art works are valuable. This will encourage the artist and art society to create the art work and bring Thai art and artists to be known in the national and international level.


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What is Silpathorn Award ?

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