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Tom Yum Goong : Thai food & Thai Symbolic Taste

 Tom Yum Goong : “Tom” meant to “To Boil” in Thai word, “Yum”  meant to “food which have herb , sour and spicy to be the main taste of the dish” “Goong” meant to “Shrimp” 

So “Tom Yum Goong” is a Thai dishes which be made as soup with  herb smell, spicy and sour are the main taste, and use shrimp to be meat of the dishes.

Surely, Tom Yum Goong which be cooked for foreigner  will be different from the real Tom Yum Goong  in Thai daily eating, which be more spicy and also, the herb smell is so stronger.

In fact, when you say “Tom Yum Goong” , it’s meant to “Tom Yum” which use “Goong” [shrimp] to be meat in the dish, but if you say shorter as “Tom Yum” , it will be meant to one kind of  Thai soup which no specific  kind of meat to use in that dish; so you can add or say  “Pla” [fish], “Mhoo” [pork] or “Talay” [sea food] or else , after  the word “Tom Yum” to the waiter in any Thai restaurant and  get the same tase of  Tom Yum Soup in variety kind of meat as you want in that meal [the picture below is ” Tom Yum Talay”  : the sea food soup with squid, shell and shrimp  to be meat of the dish].     

In Thai cooking we can cook “Tom Yum”  in different kind of soup ;   1. cook as  clear soup  [as the picture below]
TOMYUMGOONG2.jpg Tom Yum Goong image by ooroor  
and 2. cook as  thick soup [as the picture below ]  by put milk or coconut milk to the dishes for the solf and different taste of it.
Because of the strong taste of  “Tom Yum Goong”  , so Thai people prefer to eat “Tom Yum” or “Tom Yum Goong” as dinner than breakfast or lunch ; the strong taste of herb and chilli, also sour taste from lime will be a good awakener  to any one who eat it. 
  “Tom Yum Goong” and any kind of  “Tom Yum” soup is better eat as hot soup ; in  Thai local  restaurant the waiter will serve “Tom Yum”  in the big pot which has a hole in the middle of it with  fire inside, to boil and make that dish be hot all the time of the meal [as the picture below].

For today, “Tom Yum Goong” to be known in the whole  worldwide, as the dishes for health as  many kind of herb in this Thai dishes be known as the natural medicines.

One Thai movie was created and use “Tom Yum Goong” to be name for going aboard, that’s proof how “Tom Yum Goong” is the Hot and Spicy symbolic taste of Thailand.




 Not just “Tom Yum Goong” in Thai kitchen, Thai people always love “Tom Yum Goong” in other kind of food, too : In the picture below is the semi-readymade noodle with  “Tom Yum Goong”  flavour as a lot of other kind of  Snacks in Thailand today  also, bring “Tom Yum Goong” to be flavour of it.


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