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World of Reality Television [3]





The Star 5



Reality show In Thailand



The Star

The Star (Thai: เดอะสตาร์ ค้นฟ้าคว้าดาว) is a Thai reality television singing competition produced by Exact, a GMM Grammy company, and broadcast on Modernine TV. It was first broadcast on 7 October 2003 and its fifth season aired during the first half of 2009. It is one of two such television programmes in Thailand, the other being Academy Fantasia. Both feature a number of auditioned contestants competing in weekly concerts, with elimination determined by viewers’ voting through SMS, but unlike the other, The Star does not feature continuous broadcasts of the contestants’ lives in a common residence. A number of winners and runners-up from the contest have continued to become mainstream singers and/or actors under GMM Grammy, most notably Sukrit Wisetkaew (“Bie”), who was first runner-up in the show’s third season.

Academy Fantasia

Created by cable TV provider TrueVisions, formerly known as UBC, Academy Fantasia is currently airing its sixth season. Academy Fantasia is a franchise of La Academia, a popular reality TV show from Mexico. The contestants are selected through nationwide auditions, as well as through online audition clips. The live auditions take place in major cities in every part of Thailand to search for those who dream about becoming superstars. Four judges will eliminate thousands of people down to top 100 then last twelve or more finalists into the Academy House for study.

The contestants live in the same house with hundreds of hidden cameras. Audiences can watch them 24 hours live on TV and online. Each week the contestants are assigned individual songs and sometimes group songs to perform on stage every Saturday until the last week of the show. The contestants attend voice class, dance class, and acting class to practice the songs that they perform.

The audiences can vote for their favorite contestants through cell phones and land phones. It costs three baht for each vote. The show usually airs 24 hours on True Vision 20 (digital) and 16 (analog) and the concerts will be broadcast live on True Music Channel (Digital:26 , Analog:30) and ModernNine TV (public channel 9) every Saturday night between 20:40-23:10 Thailand time.

After each performance the commentators will evaluate the performance. At the end of the concert, the contestant(s) who received the lowest percentage of audience votes will have to leave the show. In the sixth season, there are new rules of judges. Every the end of concert, it will be announced who are bottom three but the judges have more power in this season. They can select one of bottom three to receive ‘The Immunity Idol’ which can protect them from elimination, in case that it declare after that a contestant who get the idol is the least popular vote of the week. From this extra rule in this season, it’s not sure that in the grand final week there will be final 5 contestants to compete in the final round like usual in the first five seasons. It would be only 2 contestants to beat together if the immunity idol won’t work, or would be up to 12 if the least popular votes contestant of everyweek can do the best show and get the immunity idol which can save them from voting off.

The winners of the first five seasons were all male. The winners and the runner-ups will automatically receive record deals with True Fantasia record label. After the end of each season, there is a nationwide concert tour starring the top twelve finalists. However every season only the Top 5 performers win prizes such as a house, car, LCD TV or money.


Controversy                                                                                         It is rumored that the show is rigged, with the winner having already been chosen since early on in the season, and that each season is manipulated in such a way that True receives the highest ratings as possible. Also, the voting is set up so that live rankings are shown online from the starting day of votes (Monday) through Friday, which is the day before the voting closes. This gives True approximately 24 hours to manipulate the vote in whatever way it wishes, and potentially gives it the opportunity to hand-choose which contestants will remain and which will be eliminated. However, none of those in charge of the show have admitted that there is any manipulation of voting results. Critics claim that the various publicity stunts alone are enough evidence to suggest that such manipulations are occurring. For instance, the show’s unexpected move of inviting contestants back into the running (as in seasons 2, 4, and 5) and all of the times that it went against the viewers’ expectations by eliminating (or not eliminating) male or female contestants each week are obvious manipulations for higher ratings and more voting (meaning more money for telephone company True). In True’s defense, these unexpected actions create the suspense one would expect to see in any television show. However, in a show that promises that the people have ultimate power (through their votes) in who stays or leaves, such manipulations, if they are occurring, are unacceptable.

One Night Genius

One Night Genius (Thai: อัจฉริยะข้ามคืน) is the first Thailand reality quiz show, on Thai TV Channel 3. First broadcasting in July 3, 2006. Present by Phanya Nirunkul and Tankhun Jitissara. Production by Workpoint Entertainment Public Company Limited. In every week, 8 competitors from 8 branches of professions have competed in the contest for the 1 million baht prize (approx. $30,000) and the place where the contest is held have been changed every week.


 Before the mission

  • The 8 competitors who were called “genius” will come together and receive the “lifesaving” bag from the host. In the lifesaving bag, there will be 8 boxes which had
    • food and eating equipment
    • lighting equipment and Pliers
    • consumer goods
    • memo equipment
    • cutting, pasting and wrapping equipment
    • a mobile phone which can be used only once for 1 minute
    • special equipment (changed every week, like clay or rope)
    • a puzzle that will be used in the mission 3.
  • Sometimes, some equipment is changed.
  • A special expert from the place where the contest is held will take the genius to visit the place and told the information of the place which can be used for every mission.
  • 8 geniuses will go to the place that the host allot for resting, memoring or decrypting the puzzle.

 Mission 1

Usually in the first mission of One Night Genius, the 8 geniuses either perform the mission as individuals or in pairs. Missions that go by the individual rule includes answering 20 questions, setting up jenga towers..etc.

A more common way to the first mission is having the 8 geniuses spliting into 4 teams of 2. Only the 3 best teams from this point proceeds to the next mission. Missions that undertake this rule includes sending signals, knock down 100 birds in one shot of a toy gun, cushion an egg for a 40m drop, pop 100 balloons with one throw of dart..etc.

Mission 2

  • Second mission change every week. It has 2 versions that is
    • The individual mission – 6 geniuses will do the mission alone such as answering 20 questions, set up a Jenga tower and don’t make them fall etc. The 4 geniuses who can do the mission accomplished will pass to the next mission.
    • The team mission – 6 geniuses will take apart into the 3 teams. Each team must do the mission together. The 2 teams which can do the mission accomplished will pass to the next mission.


 Mission 3

  • The 4 remain geniuses must crack the puzzle in their lifesaving bag themselves and find the only 1 correct box in 100 plastic boxes. If geniuses find the correct box they will receive the “genius password” to crack into 4 digit numbers to open the safe. However, if geniuses choose the wrong box or answer the question in their safes incorrectly they will be eliminated.
  • This “genius password” is considered as hi-light of game each week. Most passwords commonly use tricks in Thai language to crack them. Here are examples of passwords which are able to explained in English.
    • Tuk-Tuk in whole country with victory (ตุ๊กตุ๊กทั่วประเทศสู้ตาย) – 3762 (Tuk-Tuk has 3 wheels, Thailand has 76 provinces and victory is commonly with V-sign which has 2 fingers used)
    • Press over the star then turn right (กดเหนือดาราเลี้ยวขวาเมื่อสุด) – 7412 (Use Mobile phone’s keypad to solve this password, start by press 7 which is above the star button, continue going up through 4 and 1 then turn right to 2)
    • 007 – 2017 (This password is needed to solve by simply reading as two zeroes, one seven. Geniuses in this episode were tricked with James Bond’s related)
    • Ah-Un-Uh-Uh-Un (อ่างอึ่งอ๋องอ๋องอึ่ง) – 1221 (Ah means this password comes with Ah voice, then the sounds of this password is similar with One-Two-Two-One)
  • The first 2 geniuses who answer the question in their safes correctly will proceed to the “Final Mission”


 Final Mission

  • The 2 remain geinuses will come to the Workpoint Studio in Phatumthani, Thailand for the final mission. Geniueses will face Phanya Nirunkul who was hosting the final mission.
  • Geniuses must answer the 1 question that Phanya Nirunkul ask. Each geinus can answer only twice. If any genius can answer correctly, That genius will become the “One Night Genius” and win the 1 million baht prize. However, if genius answer incorrectly twice, the other genius will become the One Night Genius and win the 1 million baht prize.
  • The One Night Genius will receive the 1 million baht prize in the variation of KTC’s credit card from Krung Thai Card Public Co., Ltd. which can deposit from credit card or use it which amount 1 million baht. The variation of 1 million baht prize has 3 variations that is
    • KTC Titanium Master Card (Episode 1 – Episode 7)
    • KTC Visa Platinum (Episode 8 – Episode 27)
    • KTC Cash’s Credit which gift 1 million baht cash. (Episode 28 – Episode 35)
    • KTC Millon’s Credit which gift 1 million baht cash. (Episode 36 – Episode 44)
    • KTC I am Master Card (Episode 45 – Episode 48)
    • Honda which gift 1 million baht cash. (Episode 49 – 72)


Survivor: Thailand

Survivor: Thailand was the fifth season of the United States reality show Survivor. It was filmed in the summer of 2002 and aired from September 19 – December 19, 2002 on CBS. It was set on the island of Ko Tarutao in Thailand. Fourteen episodes aired weekly. The two initial tribes were Chuay Gahn (Thai: ช่วยกัน “to help one another”) and Sook Jai (สุขใจ “happy heart” ). They eventually merged into the Chuay Jai tribe. On December 19, 2002, Brian Heidik defeated Clay Jordan by a vote of 4-3 to become the sole survivor.

The season introduced several new gameplay twists. The first occurred on Day 1, when the two eldest contestants, Jake Billingsley and Jan Gentry, were given the power to pick their own tribes. This was the first time in Survivor history that the two initial teams were not preselected by the producers. The second was an offer of mutiny on Day 14: each of the twelve remaining contestants were given the chance to leave their tribe and join the other if they wished; no one took the offer. (The twist was re-used during Survivor: Cook Islands, with two contestants switching tribes.)

The major twist of the season was the “fake merge.” When only ten players remained, the usual time for a merge, the two tribes moved onto one beach, with a feast awaiting them. The two tribes took this to mean that they were merging, and Shii Ann Huang attempted to use this to her advantage by openly trying to ally herself with the “former” opposing tribe. At the next challenge they attended, however, the two tribes were informed that they were living on one beach, but were not merged. This backfired on Shii Ann when her tribe lost the Immunity Challenge and she was voted off for her excessive scheming.

Jeff Probst stated that he was not fond of the season, going as far as calling it his least favorite. He described the season as mean-spirited and marred with hostility and ugliness, even calling Brian, Clay, Helen, and Jan the “the least likable final four ever.”

Shii Ann was the only representative of the season to appear as a contestant on Survivor: All-Stars, where she placed 6th.


True Series

True Series is a Thai television channel owned and produced by TrueVisions. It features series, lifestyle programs and reality shows from around the world. Most of the shows air in their original English language audio with subtitles in Thai but there are also some dubbed shows. True Series is available only on TrueVisions, channel 21.


Thailand’s Next Top Model

Thailand’s Next Top Model is a local franchised version of top rated reality television show America’s Next Top Model, which aired in mid-2005. The show was hosted by Thai supermodel Sonia Couling. The prize that is obtained by winning Thailand’s Next Top Model includes a contract with Elite Model Management, Bangkok. The first cycle of Thailand’s Next Top Model was successful. The second cycle is currently waiting to be licensed.


Nattavud Pimpa

Nattavud Pimpa (Thai: ณัฐวุฒิ พิมพา) (born March 31, 1974) is an education academic. He has published extensively in the area of marketing education and comparative education.

Dr. Pimpa earned his bachelor degree in English from Chulalongkorn University, Master of Business from Victoria University, Australia, and Ph.D. in international educationMonash University.

In 2005, Dr. Pimpa appeared in a Thai reality television series called Tua Jing which claimed to be the first “search for the best television and news anchor”. The program was produced by W- Network (and directed by Woody Milintajinda), aired on channel 3 Thailand from March-May 2005. In this show, Dr. Pimpa was known as “Dr.Art” and was accused of being a good friend with one of the judges in the show. Tua Jing was one of the most unsuccessful reality show in Thailand, due to its bad direction, lacking in vibration of the show, and overly commercial presentation of the show. No one from the show pursue their careers in television production or news anchor. The producer, Woody Milintajinda, subsequently became famous from his own show “Kerd Ma kui”.

After this show, Dr. Pimpa appeared in another reality TV series called One Night Genius and the game show Ching Roi Ching Ran. He hosted a few episodes of educational show on ETV from September to November 2005.

Currently, Dr. Pimpa is a lecturer in international management and leadership at the School of Management, RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He won an emerging researcher grant to investigate leadership and school culture in Thailand, Singapore, and Australia. He is also working on his second book project on strategic management in education (Asia-Pacific context). His publications in 2008-9 can be found in most education and international business journal by inderscience and Springer.

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