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The Real Taste of “Som – Tam”



Thai people Love in “Som-Tam” , Like Korean People Love their Gim-Ji.

The Thai favorite dish: The original local food of the North-East, Thailand, long time ago.

 For today, “Som-Tam” Spread itself around Thailand;you can find “Som-Tam” in every part, every day and everywhere in Thailand, even if you try to avoid “Som-Tam” restaurant by walking to some narrow and very dark road; “Som-Tam” any way, will wait for you there, in the looking of smallest “Som-Tam” restaurant which you have ever seen!



  “Som-tam” is the Thai dish, made from grated papaya salad, pounded with a mortar and pestle. There are three main variations:

1.Som- Tam- Poo , : Mix the grated papaya with salted black crab. 2.Som- tam -Thai : Mix the grated papaya with peanuts, dried shrimp and palm sugar. 3.Som- tam – pla-ra , from north eastern part of Thailand (Isan) : Mix the grated papaya with salted gourami fish, white eggplants, fish sauce and long bean, and 4.Som-Tam-Thai-sai-Poo : It’s come from the eater who love “Som Tam” in both kind of 1. and 2. so they ask the cooker to mix it together to another kind of “Som-Tam” .  The very low Calorie of “Som-Tam” : “Som Tam” turn to be the best choice for women on diet.

The delicious main taste of “Som-Tam” come from the  crispy of  grated papaya,  tasty of the mixed seasoning : The aromatic of sour Lime and spicy chilli made “Som- Tam” to be another kind of Dishes for Health for any people who love to eat.

Welcome to Thailand ; and if you want to know Thailand in deep, don’t forget to try “Som -Tam” and say that you have reached the real taste of very “Thai Eating” through the real taste of “Som Tam”, already.

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